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Everyone has goals that they want to achieve in life. Goals give you a purpose in life, and accomplishing those goals makes you happier and successful. Unfortunately, it’s hard to reach your personal and professional goals due to certain weak traits. Weak traits are caused by the genes you inherit, your past environment and how your mind works.

The Dharma Life app, with the guidance of the counselor, helps you overcome your weak traits and achieve your goals. The Dharma Life counselor will identify your weak traits, as well as guide and motivate you through the process of overcoming it by using the reports that the app generates. The counselor will help you make new habits from the actions recommended in the app.

Dharma Life takes a scientific approach to overcoming weak personality traits. To counteract the effect of genes and environment, we recommend three types of habits namely, physical, mind and dietary actions. The physical actions change the hormones and neurotransmitters associated for that trait, the mind actions rewire the brain to react in the desired manner and the dietary actions affects the body based on what you eat.

The app helps by displaying a ‘personality trait scale’ that gives feedback on your progress with a green line that grows and shrinks. The app engages through stories and videos so that you can relate to the weak trait you have.

The Dharma Life program, in conjunction with the app has been designed to fully maintain confidentiality so that you can freely work on your weak personality traits.

Watch your life improve with the Dharma Life program and your own efforts.

What new in version: 1.2.1!

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Dharma Life
Dharma Systems, Inc.

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