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  • McDantim EasyBlend Calculator
  • McDantim EasyBlend Calculator
  • McDantim EasyBlend Calculator

Gas Blend Calculator for Beverage Dispense

McDantim’s gas blend calculators will help you find the correct blend or pressure for your draught beverage system.

Conditions that are included in the calculations are:

-Beverage temperature in the keg

-Keg pressure required

-CO2 content of the beverage

-Elevation above sea level

-Gas blend (% CO2) of existing Blender


-Perfect CO2/N2 blend for your specific location and conditions.

-What range of pressures you can apply to your beverage and -maintain perfect carbonation.

-Conversions between US and metric units.

-CO2 content that will be maintained under unusual conditions such as high elevation systems.

The Acceptable Ranges screen will show you (highlighted in blue) the combinations of Blend and Pressure that will keep your beverage properly carbonated. A +/- 0.2% range of CO2 volumes is the accepted industry allowance for this variation. These results are based on valves you enter into the “input” screen and will change as you modify input values.

What new in version: 1.0.0!

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McDantim EasyBlend Calculator
McDantim, Inc.

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